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Self-test for prevention of drug addiction recurrence

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  • Last updated:2020-04-15
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u  Self-test for prevention of drug addiction recurrence

1.         My friends with drug addiction visit or call me recently.

2.         I occasionally have thoughts about getting drugs recently.

3.         A person who is close to me has died recently.

4.         Myself or someone close to me is sick or suffers accidents recently.

5.         I have conflicts with my families or someone close to me recently.

6.         I am frustrated about relationship issues, such as breaking up, separation or divorce, recently.

7.         I have a serious conflict with someone at work recently.

8.         I am currently unemployed or I cannot find any job.

9.         I am currently involved in a judicial case.

10.     I feel upset recently. Life is boring without focus.


Please check your situations constantly. If you have situations mentioned above, please find someone to talk to. If your answers are “Yes” for more than three times, please call our service line: 04-23803642 ext. 225, 226, 227.



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