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Notice for Application of Long-distance Visits

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  • Last updated:2024-02-22
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Notice for Application of Long-distance Visits


1. Purpose: The Center offers a "Long-distance Visit" service to accommodate family members of inmates who live far from the facility, eliminating the need for long-distance travel. Family members can visit inmates housed in our Center by using video telephones at any correctional institution closer to their residence. This service is designed to save time and reduce travel expenses.


2. Inmates' spouses, lineal blood relatives, collateral blood relatives up to the third degree, and marital relatives up to the second degree are eligible to apply for Long-distance Visits. Applications can be submitted via registered mail or fax, with the necessary documentation. Inmates are permitted one long-distance visit per week, lasting up to 30 minutes, with the aforementioned relatives, unless special circumstances arise and approval is obtained from the institute directors. Public advocates and volunteer lawyers may also request long-distance video visits, provided they are not subject to restrictions under specific conditions outlined in the proviso of Article 34 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, or if not prohibited by judges or prosecutors considering the specifics of the legal case. The application process for these visits is not subject to the restrictions mentioned in Point 3 of this notice. 


3. Inmates are ineligible for long-distance visits if a judge or prosecutor has issued a notification banning visits and correspondence, or if the inmates are currently under investigation for disciplinary issues.


4. If a regulation violation or another incident occurs before the scheduled long-distance visit that prevents the inmate from participating, the Center will notify the applicant of the visit's cancellation via mail or telephone. Additionally, the correctional institution near the applicant, which was supposed to facilitate the long-distance visit, will also be informed of the cancellation through a duplicate copy of the notification.


5. To apply for a long-distance visit for the first time, it's crucial to fill out the application slip in the official format and submit it to the Center via registered mail or fax at least one week before your preferred visit time. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, applicants will be notified by telephone or letter about the confirmed date and time for the visit. Additionally, the correctional institutions near the applicants, designated to facilitate the long-distance visits, will also be informed. For individuals who have previously applied for and been approved for long-distance visits, they have the convenience of directly calling the Center to schedule another visit, provided they do so one week in advance of their preferred date and time.


6. Visiting hours are available from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM, divided into five sessions during the afternoon of working days, from Monday to Friday.


7.How to apply:

a. Filling in the Application Slip for Long-Distance Visit: Applicants can obtain the form by visiting the waiting room in the Center, any nearby correctional institutions, or by downloading it from the Ministry of Justice's website.

b. Attach personal documents: Applicants need to attach a copy of their ID card, a copy of their household certificate, or a household certificate duplicate with their application.

c. Applying by Mail or Fax: The required documents mentioned above should be prepared and sent to the Center either by registered mail or by fax.

d. Notification by the Center: Family members will be informed about the outcome of the data investigation either through a letter or by fax from the Center.

e. Applying for Long-Distance Visit at Nearby Correctional Institutes: On the date and time specified in the notification, applicants should go to the designated Correctional Institutes nearby with their identification documents. After completing the visit sign-up list and having their personal identification verified, applicants can conduct long-distance visits with inmates in the Center.


8. After an applicant is approved for a long-distance visit, they must personally arrive at a nearby correctional institute at the appointed time and fill in a sign-up form for the long-distance visit. If the applicant fails to personally show up for the long-distance visits at the nearby Correctional Institutes three times, they will be suspended from applying for long-distance visits for a period of three months.


9. Applicants who have been approved by the Center where the inmates are detained can be denied the ability to conduct long-distance visits by the nearby institutes if any of the following circumstances apply:

a. Lack of identification papers.

b. Suspected issues with identity or actions.

c. Being under the influence of alcohol or mentally incapacitated.

Additionally, individuals who have not registered cannot replace or accompany registered applicants for visits. 


10. For further information:

Address: 3, Pei-de Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

Telephone: (04) 23844696

Fax: (04)23810198



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