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Notice for Application of Long-distance Visits

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  • Last updated:2020-04-15
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Notice for Application of Long-distance Visits


1. Purpose: In order to serve family members of inmates who live far away, the Center therefore provides a “Long-distance Visit” service so that they don’t need to travel a long distance. Family members of inmates can go to any correction institute that nears your residence and use their video telephones to visit the inmates in our Center. This can save both time and money.


2. Inmates’ spouse, lineal blood relatives, collateral blood relative to the third degree and marital relatives to the second degree can prepare related papers to apply for the Long-distance Visit by registered mail or by fax. Inmates are allowed to have one long-distance visit with spouse and relatives just mentioned above one time per week up to 30 minutes, unless for other special reasons and being approved by institute directors. Public advocates and volunteer lawyers can apply for long-distance video visits if not restricted under some circumstances stipulated in the proviso of Article 34, the Code of Criminal Procedure or if not banned by judges or prosecutors in consideration of lawsuits. While applying, it is not restricted by Point 3, the next one in this notice.


3. Inmates cannot take long-distance visits if ban on visit and correspondence is notified by a judge or a prosecutor or if the inmates are under investigation due to disciplinary issues.


4. Before the long-distance visit is under way, if there occur regulation violations or other incidents so that the inmates cannot take the visit, the Center will inform the applicant either by mail or telephone of the cancellation of this long-distance visit and the correction institute nearby to the applicant and supposed to perform this long-distance visit will be therefore notified as well in a duplicate copy.


5. To apply for long-distance visit for the very first time, it is imperative that application slip be filled in the official format and submitted to the Center by registered mail or fax one week before your first choice of visit time. Having been reviewed and approved, applicants will be notified by telephone or letter about the date and time for the appointed visit and the correction institutes nearby to the applicants and supposed to perform the long-distance visits will be therefore notified as well. For those who have already applied approved for long-distance visit, they can call the Center directly for another appointment of visit just one week before their first choice of the visit date and time.


6. Days and periods of time for visits:

02:00 ~ 4:30 pm divided in 5 periods of time in the afternoon of working days, Monday through Friday.


7.Application directions:

a. Fill in application slip for long-distance visit: please come to waiting room in the Center or the nearby correction institutes, or download the form from the website of Ministry of Justice.

b. Attachment of proving papers: copy of ID card, copy of household certificate or a household certificate duplicate

c. Apply by mail or fax: aforementioned papers prepared and sent to the Center by registered mail or by fax

d. Family members will be notified by the Center with the result of data investigation in letter or by fax

e. Applying for long-distance visit with papers at correction institutes nearby: upon the time and the date notified, the applicants can come to correction institutes nearby with identification papers. After having filled in visit sign-up list and personal identification being verified, applicants can do long-distance visits with the inmates in the Center.


8. After the applicant being approved for long-distance visit, he must personally come to a correction institute nearby on the appointed time, and fill in sign-up form for a long-distance visit. If the applicant have failed three times to show up personally for the long-distance visits at correction institutes nearby, he will be suspended for three months not able to apply for long-distance visits.


9. The applicants having been approved by the Center where inmates are detained can be refused to do long-distance visits by the institutes nearby if one of the following circumstances is met:

a. Without identification papers

b. Suspected for identity or deeds

c. Drunken or mentally disabled


For those who didn’t sign up, they cannot replace or accompany the applicants who have already signed up to do the visits with the inmates.


10. For further information:

Address: 3, Pei-de Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

Telephone: (04) 23844696

Fax: (04)23810198



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