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  • Last updated:2020-04-10
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    Anti-drug treatment is a long way to go. The purpose of establishing the Center is to assist inmates in quitting drug addiction. Based on the reasons of drug abuse in Taiwan and the personalities of the inmates, we integrate the professional opinions to perform affairs in better ways. We also introduce resources of health, labor and social administrations and integrate the professional counseling proactively to develop the proper anti-drug treatment. We hope inmates can know the reasons and risks of repetitive drug abuse after the complete anti-drug treatment protocol, and understand the health damages caused by drugs and the effects to the families. Meanwhile, we hope they can learn how to seek for help from medical institutions, social welfare agencies and employment services when it’s necessary to expand a new life. We devote ourselves to measures, including implementing diverse treatments, promoting family supporting programs, religious counseling and successful experiences sharing, to improve the success rates of anti-drug addiction.

    Recently, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice promotes “Scientific evidence-based anti-drug treatments for drug abusers” to establish the national guidelines for anti-drug treatments. We organize courses and invites professional teachers in accordance with the guidelines. We also cooperate with Drug Abuse Prevention Centers of local governments, Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Taiwan After-Care Association and non-profit organizations to help inmates quit drugs abuse, return to their families and achieve the goal of no drugs abuse for life-long.





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