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On Application for Telephone calls

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  • Last updated:2024-02-22
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On Application for Telephone calls


1. To facilitate communication for inmates detained in the Center, particularly during urgent situations where their close relatives or family members are unable to visit in person, telephone calls are offered as an alternative solution.

2. Inmates are eligible to receive telephone calls provided that they are not subject to bans on personal visits and written correspondence imposed by prosecutors or judges, and are not under investigation for violating regulations.

3. To apply for telephone calls, inmates must fill out and submit application forms in the official format and in advance on their own behalf. They must then wait for approval from the Superintendent of the Center.

4. Telephone calls can be applied for under one of the following four circumstances:

a. The inmate's grandparents, parents, spouse, or children have contracted a serious illness.

b. A natural disaster or significant event has impacted the inmate's family.

c. Close relatives or family members are unable to visit the inmate in person due to long distance, disability, young age, or financial hardship.

d. Other emergencies necessitate immediate communication between the inmate and their close relatives or family members.

5. Telephone calls are scheduled only from 9 to 11 AM and from 2 to 4 PM. Calls outside these hours may be permitted for special reasons, provided these reasons receive approval from supervisors in the Center.

6. Shibboleth or argot (slang or jargon specific to a particular group) is not permitted during telephone calls. Inmates of foreign origins may use their native languages or any other international languages for communication.

7. The duration of a telephone call is limited to 6 minutes. This duration may be slightly extended with approval from supervisors in the Center.

8. The conversation during a telephone call must be restricted to the reason stated in the application form. If the discussion is unrelated to the application, involves in fabricating testimonies, or breaches disciplinary rules, the call must be terminated immediately.

9. The costs associated with telephone calls are the responsibility of the inmates.

10.  For further information:

Address: 3, Pei-de Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

Telephone: (04) 23803642 or 23844696



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