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On Application for Telephone Visits

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  • Last updated:2020-04-15
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On Application for Telephone Visits


1.  For the convenience of the inmates detained in the Center and owing to some urgent occasions that their close relatives or family members cannot come to the Center for visits in person, telephone visits therefore may solve their problems instead.

2.  Inmates can receive telephone visits if personal visits and literate correspondence are not banned by persecutors or judges, or if they are not under investigation due to violation of regulations.

3.  To apply for telephone visits, inmates must submit application forms in official format and in advance for themselves and wait for approval from Superintendent of the Center.

4.  In one of the following four circumstances, telephone visits can be applied:

a. Serious illness contracted by grand parents, parents, spouse or children of the inmate.

b. Natural disaster or grave happening fallen upon the family of an inmate.

c. Close relatives or family members cannot come to visit the inmate personally owing to long distance, being disable, young age or poverty.

d. Because of other emergencies, the inmate must talk to c lose relatives or family members immediately.

5.  Telephone visits are made only from 9 to 11 am and from 2 to 4 pm. Telephone visits can be made the other times if there are special reasons and those reasons are approved by supervisors in the Center.

6.  Shibboleth or argot is not permitted during telephone visits. Inmates of foreign origins can use their own languages or some other international languages.

7.  The duration of a telephone visit cannot be longer than 6 minutes. It can be extended a little bit longer if approved by supervisors in the Center.

8.  The topic of a telephone visit must be limited to the reason filled in the application form. If the call has nothing to do with the application or it involves in testimonial fabrication or matters that violate discipline, the telephone visit call must be severed at once.

9.  The expense for the telephone visit calls are borne by the inmates.

10.  For further information:

Address: 3, Pei-de Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

Telephone: (04) 23803642 or 23844696



Telephone Visits

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