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Taichung Drug Abuse Treatment Center- Organization


Section Guard And Control Section

1. Affairs about patients, guardianship and detox.

2. Management of patients, daily life.

3. Door locks and key management.

4. Training and duty distribution for administrative personnel.

5. Affairs about weapons, detox & treatment and fire apparatus application, practice and safekeeping.

6. Nourishment, clothes, bedding, and accessory distribution and safekeeping.

7. Put sanitation and health affairs into effect.

8. Investigate patients, behavior and condition.

9. Meet with patients and mail their letters; handle objects sent to the center.

10. Inspect and manage rooms and factories; patients, body search and their items.

11. Award and punishment for patients.

12. Abusers, sent under guard; pursue and capture after escapee.

13. Other affairs related to patients, guardianship and detox.


Assistance And Guidance Section

1. Assistance and guidance for patients.

2. Counsel and educate patients.

3. Examinations about patients treatments in stages.

4. Affairs about patients, application for guardianship and detox suspension, prolongation, or relieving continuous practicing.

5. Entertainment activities for patients and their physical training.

6. Guidance for patients, assembly and separated areas management.

7. Skill & abilities evaluation for patients and their skill training.

8. Guidance for patients, skill training and labor work distribution.

9. Establishment and education cooperation for patients; plan and transact their employment guidance after leaving the Center.

10. Other guidance and career training.


Social Worker Section

1. Guidance for patients entering the Center.

2. Direct and indirect investigation of patients.

3. Evaluate and handle patients, families, and their social relationships.

4. Applications of social resources.

5. To keep track of patients after they leave the Center.

6. Other social works.


Sanitation And Health Section

1. Plan and guidance for sanitation and health and facility storage.

2. Prevent contagious disease.

3. Detox patients, drug addictions.

4. Give patients physical examination; collect and check urine.

5. Dealing with patients, disease treatment and transference.

6. Psychological Guidance and disease treatment for patients.

7. Ward management.

8. Drugs prescription, storage and medical apparatus and instruments management.

9. Environmental sanitation inspection and guidance.

10. Report and notify patient's disease or death.

11. Other affairs related to sanitation and health.


Personnel Office

1. Appoint and remove employees; autograph shift transference.

2. Verify and urge the appointment and removal of employees.

3. Autograph and draw up wage levels; inspect treatment standards.

4. Inspections about days off for errands and whether one is hardworking or malfeasance.

5. Award and punishment affairs discussion.

6. Dealing with training, personal advanced studies and on-the-spot investigation, etc.

7. Plan and verify one's merit and quality.

8. Examine and verify affairs related to retirement, paying-off and console & monetary support cases.

9. Activities about mutual aid, welfare and cultivation.

10. Register and fill in personnel information forms.

11. Inspection and deliverance of personnel certification.

12. Insurance for civil servants.

13. Other personnel affairs.


Accounting Office

1. Deploy budget, final accounts and performance report of annual income and annual expenditure.

2. Draw up, edit (correct) affairs about annual income and annual expenditure budget distribution.

3. Applications about funds expenses, budget reservation and drawing upon advances money.

4. Control and carry out the budget of annual income and annual expenditure; inspect income and expenses voucher; produce, register and wind up an account voucher, accounting report editing and primary evidence safekeeping and delivering.

5. Register and organize affairs about temporarily receiving and paying and receiving and paying on behalf as well.

6. Tender inspection and surveillance of construction, purchasing,customization, sele, and property.

7. Inspection of cash, negotiable securities, treasury savings, and public funds payment expiration.

8. Other affairs related to accounting.


Statistics Office

1. Plan about statistics affairs.

2. Statistics collection, organization, compilation and analysis.

3. Offer statistics reports.

4. Plan and integrate information affairs.

5. Files and documents classification and organization.

6. Other affairs related to statistics.


General Affairs Section

1. Documents mailing, writing out and data management.

2. Affairs about research, evaluation, government decrees collection and registration.

3. Affairs about official seal and supervision.

4. Expenditure circulation.

5. Affairs about building repair.

6. Affairs about patients, entering and leaving the Center and charges management.

7. Patients, names and identifications register editing and management.

8. Receiving, delivering and storage of patients, belongings.

9. Income and expenses, storage, accounting and report of patients' provision.

10. Classification affairs of patients, fingerprints and photos

11. Welfare design and surveillance for patients

12. Dealing with the aftermath of a patient’s death

13. Janitor, technician and vehicle deployment

14. Asset, object management and dormitory maintenance

15. Affairs not belonging to other sections


Government Ethics Office

1. Administrative affairs related to Government Ethics.

2. Public affairs confidential maintenance.

3. Propaganda about government ethics orders.

4. Advice for government ethics evolution.

5. Prevention, awareness and report staff corruption, malfeasance and illegal behavior.

6. Advice for government ethics check-ups, rewards and punishment.

7. Other affairs related to government ethics.


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