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Taichung Drug Abuser Treatment Center, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice:Back to homepage


Location of the Organization

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Location of the Organization


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By train:

  Get off at Taichung Train Station. It is a 25-minute taxi drive from the train station.

By bus:

a. Take Zhong-Lu Bus No. 40 at Taichung Train Station and get off at Fusing Radio Station.

b. Taichung Bus Information System

By car:

a.  Take National Highway No.1 and Exit at Nantu. After exiting, head towards Longjing and proceed straight on Sec. 2, Wuquan W. Rd. Then, turn left onto Zhongyong Rd. or Lingdong Rd. Continue until you reach the intersection of Yongchun S. Rd. and Peide Rd., then turn left. Follow the signs to reach the prison.

b. Via the Formosa Highway, exit at Longjing and head towards Taichung City. Continue past Zhonglong Rd., Youyuan Rd., Zhongtai Rd., and Peide Rd. Follow the signs directly to the prison.

By Taiwan high speed:

    Get off at the Wuri Train Station. It is a 15-minute taxi drive from Wuri Train Station.



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