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Guidelines of stopping drug abuse

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  • Last updated:2020-04-15
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u  Guidelines of stopping drug abuse

1.     Accept the mistakes of drug abuse that you have made. Remind yourself often: I have paid at a price for drug abuse.

2.     Don’t give up yourself. Try to seek for helps offered by the society.

3.     When you feel that you are treated oddly, don’t give up yourself. Everyone has his own problems.

4.     Keep good relationship with families. Get along with family members with acceptance and tolerance.

5.     Do legal and normal jobs. Live a reliable life.

6.     Stay away completely from those companions of drug abuse. Restart living a normal life, cultivate proper leisure entertainment and keep interpersonal interaction as simple as possible.

7.     When encountering pressure or difficulties, you should face the problems or seek for help as well as methods. Don’t take that as an excuse for escape.

8.     The ideas of drug abusing will reappear sometime. When they come, find someone to be your companion or do something to draw your attention away. They will go away gradually. You have to have faith on yourself in resisting drug abuse.

9.     In case of accidentally touching drugs again, it is not failure of stopping drug abuse. You should make up your mind and remind yourself: “I shall never live the same dreadful life with drug abuse again.”

10.  Take the cases that are successful in stop drug abuse as examples. Remind yourself often: “They can and I can, too.”



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