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Family and interpersonal relationship

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  • Last updated:2020-03-23
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u  Family and interpersonal relationship

1. Say hello and talk to your families proactively. Don’t give up interacting with them due to their distances.

2. Inform families about where you are going and when you will come home. Keep them in contact of you at any time. If there are changes of your schedule or time of returning home, please inform your families proactively to earn their trusts.

3. Don’t get angry and fight against your families because they express cares, advices and suggestions in a blithering way. Think twice about their caring minds.

4. Joint meals with your families as much as possible. You can share emotions and trivial things with families at the dining times.

5. Spend as much time as possible with families and engage proper leisure activities with them.

6. If your families treat you with distrustful attitude, try to adjust your own minds to accept. Tell yourself that time is the best witness and prove your determinations by actual actions to gain their trusts.

7. Don’t take it for granted that families should care about your emotions and feelings. You should care about your families proactively and try to understand their feelings.

8. Avoid contacting and meeting with people that may make you violate the regulations again. You may think that you can refuse their invitation, such as using drugs and conducting criminal behaviors, in the presence of them, but it is strongly suggested minimizing chances of contacts with them to avoid the occasions under their pressures.

9. Avoid going to crowded and complicated places, such as KTV, night clubs, billiard rooms, bowling alleys, PUB and casinos. It is easy to encounter unexpected quarrels, arguments and illegal events and makes you get involved.

10. Get along with people with good habits, helpful families and friends to let their positive attitudes influence, support and accompany you.



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